WARN PullzALL Winch & Hoist | Preview

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PullzAll – Handiest Tool Ever?

That’s a pretty bold question, but the answer would be ‘yes’, especially if you’re a one-man shop or off in the wilderness somewhere and something heavy needs to be moved from one place to another. The PullzAll is a handheld device available in both corded and cordless versions that lets you hoist or winch heavy loads at the pull of a trigger.


WARN’s PullzAll has an anchor hook to the rear and a load hook attached to 15 feet of wire rope at the front.

We got a first-hand look at WARN’s tiny workhorse during this year’s SEMA show in Las Vegas.

WARN PullzAll Handheld Winch/Hoist Preview

PullzAll Details

As with most WARN products, they’ve added features that make the PullzAll simple to use and almost foolproof. I say ‘almost’ simply because there’ll be some ID10t out there who’ll complain because he tried to move his mobile home with this thing and sue for damages when it whips around and hits him in the head. But I digress…

The PullzAll comes in both corded and cordless versions. Obviously, the corded would be perfect for the Tool Skool shop. Just sayin…


The corded model weighs in at 15 lbs and has 1000 lbs of line pull.


The cordless PullzAll kit comes with 1 or 2 batteries at the retail level and weighs in at about 18 lbs.


For hunters, the camo PullzAll blends in while you hoist your kill.

Our Opinion

OK, I like this tool. No, I love it! It’s like having a buddy who’s stronger than you and can lift heavy stuff in your shop all day long without bitching about it, yammering, or drinking all your beer.  And all of that for less than 2 bills? Need I say more?

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