Port-A-Cool Cyclone 3000 Portable Air Cooler

Portable Air Cooler

Port A Cool Evaporative Cooler – Review

We used to call them Swamp Coolers when I lived in Southern California, and they used to sit on our rooftops. Flip a switch inside the house and the squirrel cage inside would draw air through water-soaked pads on all four sides of the square unit. They worked by not only cooling off the inside air of the home, but adding a bit of humidity, as well.

Portable Air Cooler

Port A Cool makes this unit in the USA.

How Evaporative Cooling Works

The Cyclone 3000 uses a powerful 2-speed fan motor to draw air into and through the unit. At the same time, a pump is used to soak the spongy pad on the opposite side of the air cooler. When the air passes through the water, it is cooled by several degrees. This cooling action keeps the area around the unit noticeably more comfortable.

Portable Air Cooler

The Cyclone 3000 has a 2 speed fan and single speed pump.

Portable Air Cooler

As air flows over the cooling pad in the Cyclone 3000, it can be cooled as much as 25 degrees.

If you want to learn more about this air cooling method, here’s a great article on Wikipedia.

Port A Cool Portable Air Cooler

The unit we tested has performed remarkably well. We have used it on job sites and during video shoots in the dead of summer. In every instance, the Cyclone 3000 has kept the crew comfortable and kept the heat at bay. Surprisingly, even in areas where the humidity level was already high, the Port A Cool unit performed like a champ.

Portable Air Cooler

We have used the Port A Cool on job sites and video shoots where temps were close to and above 100. It performed like a champ!

Model PAC2KCYC01 Features

  • 2 Speed Fan
  • 3000 CFM – High
  • 2400 CFM – Low
  • Cools air 15 to 25 Degrees
  • Portable
  • Runs on household current

This unit is made in the USA and features a 2-speed fan motor and switch, a pump switch and an adjustable input water valve. It holds 16 gallons of water and once hooked up to a garden hose, can automatically refill itself when the water inside the tank gets low. It can be plugged into any standard household outlet or heavy duty extension cord.

Take a look at the video below to see the Port A Cool Cyclone 3000 in action.

Port A Cool Cyclone 3000 Portable Air Cooler


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