Top Tool Gift Guides – 2013

2013 Holiday Tool Gift Guide

Gift Guides For Tool Lovers

What do you buy the tool lover who has everything? That’s easy – and we have dozens of suggestions, gathered from our friends around the internet. Each has their own unique style and approach to gift-finding and giving, so indulge – and enjoy. And as always, let us know if you have any suggestions for cool stuff we may have overlooked.


Rob Robillard runs both a remodeling company and his ACC website. He includes in his annual Gift Guide, several suggestions that he and his crew have put to the test on the job and in the shop.

CoptoolJay Amstutz is a very tall man. So tall, in fact, that he has a view of the tool-gift-giving landscape that few others possess. He uses this advantage to provide you with a unique look at what you can buy for tall people, short people, and average-sized people. His Gift Guide, as always, is packed full of goodies.

HomeFixatedWhile Marc Lyman’s legendary hair landed him superstar status online, it’s his knowledge of tools and home improvement products that have kept him firmly seated in that position. For a humorous perspective of gifts with a very serious twist (of lime), check out his Gift Guide. Don’t try to make sense of the last sentence, just look at his Gift Guide.


Clint DeBoer is a Pro. His whole team are Pros. Everyone who visits the site is either a Pro or knows a Pro. Basically, no matter who you’re buying for, PTR’s Gift Guide will have some Professional Suggestions.


Chris is a mystery man. As a matter of fact, we’re not sure he exists in this universe, although we’ve seen some fuzzy photographs and have heard some scratchy audio recordings from the internet. They all claim to be authentic, so who are we to argue? Truthfully, Chris is a hard-working man in the construction industry who really knows tools top to bottom. His suggestions will make anyone on your tool-lover’s list a happy camper!


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