Plant Stand – Shop Project

Plants lead the life, don’t they? Someone is always there to take care of them, water and feed them. All they have to do is sit there. That’s why it’s so important to give them a place to do just that. Which brings us to wonder, why don’t they call these things Plant Sits? I […]

Potting Table – Shop Project

          Everyone needs a potting table. Where else would you pot if you didn’t have one? That’s why this project is so vital to the survival of humanity, so do your part to keep civilization going as we know it. It’ll take you the better part of a weekend if you […]

Bird Feeder – Shop Project

        This bird feeder is a pretty simple project that you could build over a weekend. It has some challenging aspects to keep you engaged, and it’s a great excuse to just hang out in the shop. You could even get the kids involved, unless you prefer the solitude that wearing ear […]