Gorilla Glue Single Use Tubes | Review

Sometimes Great Ideas Come in Small Packages When is less more? When it is the Gorilla Glue Single Use. These new tubes are great for one-time fixes and can be easily stored anywhere you need them. Gorilla Glue is also available in 36 oz., 18 oz., 8 oz., 4 oz. and 2 oz. sizes. While […]

KEEN Utility Sheridan Work Boots

Stay Warm and Dry This Winter With KEEN Utility Sheridan Insulated Work Boots Note from Tool Skool:  Brad is testing out a pair of the KEEN Utility Milwaukee insulated boots, which are also in the KEEN Utility winter lineup.  Although he’s been in Texas (where you’d think it’s not all that cold), they’ve had ice […]

Ryobi Tek4 5W Flashlight RP4450 – Tool Review

I have not come across one of the Tek4 tools so far that I have not liked, and the Ryobi Tek4 LED Hi-Beam Flashlight is no exception.  If you read other reviews online, you’ll see that I’m not alone.  And, as I’ve said in past Tek4 reviews, once you get the batteries and pick up […]

DriCAT Neck it – Review

I tested and reviewed a very cool gadget from EK Ekcessories a few months ago, called the iCAT Neck It, and I’ve used it at every trade show since, and on a lot of video shoots where I needed my phone handy but needed my hands free.  EK Ekcessories has a whole line of great […]

Ryobi Tek4 4-Volt Lithium-Ion LED Flashlight RP4400 – Tool Review

Ryobi RP4400 LED Flashlight Review First Impressions This is not going to be the lengthiest review that you’ve ever read, because there’s really nothing negative to say about this little flashlight.  It’s a compact flashlight (about 4 ½”) but it packs a powerful punch.  It’s pretty simplistic in design… just an off –on switch.It runs […]

2010 NHS Quick Pick – Rescue Tape

Rescue Tape:   During the National Hardware Show this past May, my attention was diverted to a booth that had a very fascinating demonstration.  They were showing a roll of silicone tape that could be wrapped around most any kind of pipe, or tubing including electrical wiring, water lines, even a radiator hose.  It’s called […]