Klein® Tools Coax Cable Cutter Preview

Klein® Tools Introduces Its Coax Cable Cutter Engineered to Cut Copper-Clad Steel Cable Multi-functional tool includes shears to cut common wires and cables Editor’s Note: When we visited the new “heat treat facility” in Mansfield, TX earlier this year, one of the things that Klein asked us to help them with was getting the message […]

Klein Tools VDV Cushion-Grip Impact Punchdown Tool | Preview

Klein® Tools Introduces Its VDV Cushion-Grip Impact Punchdown Tool New punchdown tool design provides easier access to panels, systems and jacks February 25, 2014 (Lincolnshire, IL) – Klein Tools (http://www.kleintools.com), for professionals since 1857, expands its innovative Voice/Data/Video punchdown tool line with a new Cushion-Grip Impact Punchdown Tool and Blade. This unique tool design incorporates […]

Klein VDV Compact Ratcheting Modular Crimper

Klein® Tools Introduces Its VDV Compact Ratcheting Modular Crimper All-inclusive tool cuts, strips and crimps data and voice cables September 12, 2013 (Lincolnshire, IL) – Klein Tools, (http://www.kleintools.com) for professionals since 1857, introduces the new Compact Ratcheting Modular Crimper (Cat. No. VDV226-107) extending its Voice/Data/Video (VDV) line of tools, connectors and testers. This crimping tool […]

Woodworkers’ Finishing Video

New DVD Helps Woodworkers Achieve a Perfect Finish Step-by-Step DVD from Woodworker’s Journal Teaches Finishing Techniques MEDINA, MN (August 7, 2013) – Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has introduced a new DVD from Woodworker’s Journal called Step-by-Step to a Perfect Finish. Presented by America’s most trusted finishing expert, Michael Dresdner, the DVD summarizes his extensive experience […]

Rockler Announces Nordy Winners for 2013

So what is a NORDY you might ask?  I asked myself the same thing when I opened my email with the announcement from Rockler Woodworking… Here’s what the email from Rockler said: “We are proud to announce the winners of the first annual NORDYS Video Contest. Instead of just one “Best Picture” award, NORDY winners […]

Prank Video From our Friends at Tools In Action

  That Whacky Dan & Eric We are fortunate enough to get invited to a lot of media events hosted by various tool and building products manufacturers. At these events, we get to know the other online publishers, magazine editors, and other key players in our business.  We become friends with them, and believe it […]

Dremel Trio – A Workshop In Your Hand

Dremel Trio Review It cuts, it sands, it routs. At least that’s what Dremel says. I’ll say it’s a pretty handy tool to have around the shop. Dremel Trio Overview I first saw it at the Hardware Show in Vegas last year (2011). For some reason, it stood out amongst the other tools in the […]

Great Stuff Wipes – Review (video)

Great Stuff Wipes If you use Great Stuff Expanding Foam, you probably already know that its strength is its weakness – it’s sticky! It’ll stick everywhere; on the project, on your fingers, on your clothes…you get the point. So did they, apparently, because they’ve introduced these Work Wipes that will take that sticky off the […]

Quick Clamp Tip – Keep it Quick!

Here’s a great tip for restoring your old, sticking Quick Clamps to almost-new performance. . TEST

LED Light Panels – Tool Review (video)

You can find literally dozens of uses for these LED Light Panels.  They snap together to make a large panel, or you can use them individually.  The lights are perfect for videos, photography, shop lighting, work lighting, and more.  They are bright and relatively inexpensive when compared to other brands on the market.  Check out […]