Coast Rapid Response 3.00 Knife – Tool Review (video)

I recently received the Rapid Response 3.00 knife from Coast Products. It took me about 10 seconds to really appreciate its design (by Ron Lake, a noted designer of all things sharp). The coolest thing about the Rapid Response is the spring-assisted opening. You almost have to see it to believe it when it comes […]

Time Lapse Video of House Being Built Using ZIPSystem

We shot this project for a client of our production company, Black Box Media Group. Huber Engineered Woods makes ZipSystem Wall and Roof panels. To show how fast the system went together, we shot timelapse footage of an entire house being built. This is a portion of that video! More to come soon!. TEST

JET Vortex Dust Extractor DC-1100VX-CK – Tool Review (video)

In the past, I’ve always relied on my ShopVac to keep the dust down around the workshop. It did a reasonable job of extracting the dust kicked out by my last Unisaw. Then something changed – my shop was graced with the latest Unisaw model (link to review here). While I love the saw overall, […]