Milwaukee® Self-Retracting Safety Knife

Milwaukee® Expands Hand Tool Line with Self-Retracting Safety Knife MILWAUKEE, WI- Milwaukee Tool Corporation continues to expand their Hand Tool offering with a new Self-Retracting Safety Knife (48-22-1915), launching in November 2013. With two blade positions and a self-retract mechanism, the user is able to control how much of the blade is exposed and automatically […]

Milwaukee® Expands Fastback™ Line

Milwaukee® Expands Fastback™ Line with Innovative Cutting Solutions MILWAUKEE, WI- Milwaukee Tool Corporation continues to expand their Hand Tool offering with three new Fastback™ Knives, launching in November 2013. Expanding the utility knife line to include pocket knives as well, the new additions to the Fastback™ family will include a Fastback™ Hawk Bill Knife, Fastback™ […]

Irwin FK Series Folding Utility Knives – Video

Irwin Folding Utility Knife – FK Series Long gone are the days when a utility knife simply had to slide smoothly in and out of its casing. Now, they have to just about make biscuits to even be considered for the toolbox. Oh, and let’s not forget about style – they also have to look […]

IRWIN Folding Utility Knives With BladeLock Technology

IRWIN Introduces New Series of Folding Utility Knives With Proprietary BladeLock Technology New Knives Offer Unprecedented Locking Features, Durability and Design Innovations HUNTERSVILLE, N.C., JUNE 10, 2013 — /PRNewswire/ — Across all trades, there is a common tool in every tradesman’s tool bag – a utility knife. Utility knives come in various shapes and sizes […]

Milwaukee® Utility Blade Program

Milwaukee® Expands Cutting Solutions with Utility Blade Program MILWAUKEE, WI- Milwaukee Tool continues to deliver user driven solutions and rapidly expand its Hand Tool offering with the introduction of several new Utility Blades. Made of micro carbide deposited metal, the new General Purpose Utility Blades deliver up to 3X longer life than standard carbon blades […]

Milwaukee® Fastback II™ Utility Knife

Milwaukee® Introduces Fastback II™ Utility Knife, Featuring Magnetic Blade Storage MILWAUKEE, WI- Milwaukee Tool Corporation continues to expand their Hand Tool offering with the new Fastback II, launching in May 2013.  A direct reflection of jobsite research and requests to include blade storage for added convenience, the Fastback II™ has all the award winning features […]

The Best Mother’s Day Gift Guide Ever

Cool Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day Mother’s Day is just around the corner and guys, we know you haven’t even thought about a gift to buy your Mom, your wife, or your girlfriend (hopefully, you’re buying for your wife OR your girlfriend, but that’s another story).  Never fear, Tool Skool’s Gift Guide is here to […]

Swanson Savage Folding Jab Saw Utility Knife – First Look

  Swanson Savage Folding Jab Saw Multi-tools are all the rage lately. It’s likely because every tool company is looking for a way to break through the clutter and create a truly unique and useful tool that will find its way into every tool pouch in America. Swanson’s latest entry into the niche is their […]

DeWalt Folding Utility Knife Model DWHT10035 – Tool Review

All utility knives are not created equal. That’s a law of the universe, and I’ve seen it proven hundreds of times. Such is the case with this knife. In the past, I’ve avoided the DeWalt brand for reasons that I will only explain in person. ‘Nuf said. These days, though, I’m becoming much more open […]