Mixing Mate Paint Lid from Rockler – Tool Review

I love doing tool reviews on tools that really bring on “Ah-hah!”, and “Why didn’t I think of that?” moments!  The Mixing Mate Paint Lid from Rocker is one of those tools.  We all know that painting is one of the easiest ways to change or update the look of any room and it’s not […]

Craftsman NEXTEC QuickBoost Charger – Tool Review

We first saw this charger a while back at one of the trade shows, but I just recently put it to the test to see if it does what it says.  And, I’m happy to report that it does exactly what it says. So what’s so special about the Craftsman NEXTEC QuickBoost Charger.  Well, let […]

Ryobi Tek4 5W Flashlight RP4450 – Tool Review

I have not come across one of the Tek4 tools so far that I have not liked, and the Ryobi Tek4 LED Hi-Beam Flashlight is no exception.  If you read other reviews online, you’ll see that I’m not alone.  And, as I’ve said in past Tek4 reviews, once you get the batteries and pick up […]

Ryobi Tek4 Portable Power Source RP4900 – Tool Review

Now, more than ever, our phones are our lifelines.  We use them constantly and we are lost without them.  And while it may sound a bit dramatic, we start to panic when the battery starts to die; we have no way to continue our work day without stopping to recharge. I am not a contractor, […]

Stanley Bostitch Aluminum Chalk Reel (47-494) – Tool Review

Stanley Bostitch Aluminum Chalk Reel (47-494) There are a couple of basic tools that we all tend to buy multiple times over the years: caulk guns, chalk lines and putty knives to name a few.  But, there aren’t a lot of reviews out about tools like this.  Maybe because they are so simple in design […]

Vacmaster VWM510 Wall Mount Wet/Dry Vac – Tool Review

According to the Vacmaster website, this is a new tool, but we’ve actually had it for a couple of years.  It’s been mounted to the wall at the office, and it’s been very useful to us.  Our former office was in an old car factory.  It was built in the early 1900s, and while it’s […]

RIDGID® FUEGO 6 1/2” Compact Framing Circular Saw (R3203) – Tool Review

This week I had the pleasure of reviewing a brand new FUEGO 6 ½” CIRCULAR SAW BY RIDGID.  I was already familiar with the tool, and in fact I’ve used the tool over the past 5 years, so I probably am a bit bias.  I liked the tool then, and I like it now.  It’s […]

Milwaukee M12 Heated Jacket – 2012 Upgrades

One of the cooler (maybe hotter is a better word in this case) things we saw at the Milwaukee Tool Media Event this year was the heated jacket. No, it’s not new, but it’s improved and they’ve added some cool accessories and options. If you’re unfamiliar, the Milwaukee M12 Heated Jacket has a network of […]

Bosch JS572E & JS572EB Jig Saws – Tool Review

Bosch JS572E & JS572EB Jig Saws ToolSkool attended the 2012 Bosch Media Event near Chicago. During the trip, we were treated to the latest and greatest that Bosch is ready to spring on the world – some of which we can’t even tell you about yet! What we can say is that they’ve taken a […]

Skil Lithium Ion Power Cutter – Review

SKIL Lithium Ion Power Cutter is more than a gadget You know what I really hate?  I hate those ridiculously difficult to open molded plastic packages that house half the products hanging on any store shelf.  Opening those little suckers is one of the most difficult tasks on Planet Earth.  NOT ANYMORE.  Enter the Skil […]