Home Repair Instruction Manual | Save Energy

Learn How to DIY | Home Repair Author Brad Staggs has been working in the home improvement industry for more than 20 years, so he’s learned a trick or two. Now, he wants to pass them on to you. You’ve seen him on DIY, HGTV, and now, The Blaze. His book, Spend a Little Save […]

How To Seal Outlets and Switchplates

Sealing Electrical Outlets and Switchplates Energy Saving Tips: They seem so small and innocent, but in larger numbers,  outlets can be energy thieves. Think of each one as being a hole venting directly to the outside of your home…and it could be as big as half an inch! When you add up the number of […]

The Best Mother’s Day Gift Guide Ever

Cool Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day Mother’s Day is just around the corner and guys, we know you haven’t even thought about a gift to buy your Mom, your wife, or your girlfriend (hopefully, you’re buying for your wife OR your girlfriend, but that’s another story).  Never fear, Tool Skool’s Gift Guide is here to […]