KuulAire Portable Air Cooler – Video Preview

KuulAire Evaporative Air Cooler I’ve been aware of Port-A-Cool for several years now. They make terrific products that are in use everywhere from street festival vendor booths to NFL sidelines. Their portable air coolers are simple to use and economical, as well. I reviewed one of the larger Port-A-Cool units; you can see the video […]

Port-A-Cool Indoor Air Coolers at Hardware Show 2012

We stopped by the Port-A-Cool booth at the National Hardware Show and saw their latest offering. Several new portable air coolers designed for indoor use. They have a sleek, shiny finish and the company promises they’ll deliver the same quality as the rest of their line. From what we saw (and the air we felt), […]

Port-A-Cool Cyclone 3000 Portable Air Cooler

Port A Cool Evaporative Cooler – Review We used to call them Swamp Coolers when I lived in Southern California, and they used to sit on our rooftops. Flip a switch inside the house and the squirrel cage inside would draw air through water-soaked pads on all four sides of the square unit. They worked […]