Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Accessories – Video Preview

Milwaukee Impact Ready Accessories During this year’s New Product Symposium, Milwaukee gave us a preview of their newest impact-ready accessories. The lines are called Shockwave and Expand. The overall gist of the lineup is that you can do more with less, according to Brian Dieck, a Senior Product Manager. Shockwave Line-up Video Preview Take a […]

Red Lithium M18 SawZall 2620-20 – Review

M18 SawZall 2620-20 When it comes time to upgrade or replace a recip saw, there are a lot of options on the market. Personally, I’ve loved my cordless SawZall and the way it’s performed for many years. In truth, the batteries have started losing their power over time, but the saw still works like new […]

Milwaukee 5380-21 1/2″ Hammerdrill – Tool Review

According to Milwaukee Tool Corporation, they introduced the first cam-action hammerdrill back in 1935. It was a lightweight, 1/4″ cam-action model and it revolutionized the way we drilled into and through masonry and concrete. Fast-forward to 2012, and the grandchild of that first tool is still hammering its way through those same materials. The Milwaukee […]

Milwaukee M12 600 MCM Cable Cutter – First Look

Milwaukee M12 600 MCM Cable Cutter During the 2012 Media Event at Milwaukee Tools, we were treated to a glimpse of this gem. The Milwaukee M12 Cable Cutter makes what looks almost like magic as it cuts through stranded wire. Granted, it’s not a tool you’re likely to use everyday (unless you’re in the trade, […]

Milwaukee 2260-21 160×120 Thermal Imager – First Look

Here’s another example of a tool that almost makes me want to become a maintenance supervisor. Almost. Wilwaukee’s 2260-21 160×120 Thermal Imager is fun to simply play with, but with a $2500 retail price tag, it’s no toy. It is, however, pretty much straight out of a Star Trek episode. It takes thermal images and […]