7 Last Minute Gift Ideas

Last Minute Gift Ideas that you can still pick up today! For all of you procrastinators out there, we’re coming to your rescue.  We’ve put together a quick list of 5 cool gadgets or tools that we’ve seen on the shelves and you can go into the store today, purchase them, and still have them […]

Milwaukee M18 LED Flood Light | First Look

Milwaukee M18 LED Work Light Topping off our look at their New Product Symposium is the Milwaukee M18 LED Flood Light. We were impressed with the intensity of this LED unit, as well as the variety of jobsite-friendly features. M18 LED Flood Light Video Preview Tyson Apfelbeck is the Product Marketing Coordinator for this line […]

Ryobi Tek4 Digital Inspection Scope Review

Ryobi Tek4 Inspection Scope Review Inspection scopes used to be found in only high-end shops and tool bags. These days, the price has dropped to the point where it doesn’t make sense not to have one. Ryobi’s Tek4 Inspection Scope is a perfect example of top-notch electronics at a low price – and it fits […]

Craftsman LED Lighted Pliers – Tool Box Worthy?

Craftsman LED Lighted Pliers – Tool Review Just when you thought they couldn’t think of anything else to stick a light on, along comes the Craftsman LED Lighted Pliers – a whole set of them, as a matter of fact. Is it gimmicky? Yes. Do they work? Yes. Should you buy them? Hmmmm…read on and […]

Craftsman C3 19.2V Cordless LED Light (17601) Review

  One of the most popular categories in tools right now is the “add-on” tool.  What that means is that if you buy a certain battery platform and a tool line to go with it, then you can add on specialty tools and in most cases they won’t cost you a fortune, because you are […]

Stanley Tripod Flashlight 95-112B – Review

I have always been a fan of the Stanley Tripod Flashlight, and have reviewed the predecessor to this one (95-112).  I’m happy to say that even though I never really had any issues with some of the negatives I read on other reviews, Stanley obviously pays attention, because this new and improved model addresses all […]

LED Light Panels – Tool Review (video)

You can find literally dozens of uses for these LED Light Panels.  They snap together to make a large panel, or you can use them individually.  The lights are perfect for videos, photography, shop lighting, work lighting, and more.  They are bright and relatively inexpensive when compared to other brands on the market.  Check out […]