2012 Black Friday Tool Specials and Sales

  Black Friday is no longer constrained to Friday!  How did that happen?  Now sales start before Friday, even on Thanksgiving Day!  It’s enough to confuse even savviest shopper.  But if you are looking for a bargain for yourself or for the tool lover in your life, now is definitely a great time to shop.  […]

JET Vortex Dust Extractor DC-1100VX-CK – Tool Review (video)

In the past, I’ve always relied on my ShopVac to keep the dust down around the workshop. It did a reasonable job of extracting the dust kicked out by my last Unisaw. Then something changed – my shop was graced with the latest Unisaw model (link to review here). While I love the saw overall, […]

News – Jet Announces a Black Friday Sale for Woodworkers

Every year, my mom and I hit the Black Friday sales… It’s become a tradition, and although I don’t know whether the running around is really worth the money we save, we enjoy it and it’s something we do together to kick off the holiday season.  The rest of our family thinks we’re nuts, and […]