HoverCam Mini 5 HD Camera – CES Video Preview

HoverCam Mini 5 HD Camera I’ve always been drawn to cameras (go figure). So when my natural curiosity drew me to the HoverCam booth, I started to justify why we should bring this camera to your attention. I mean, what would this have to do with construction, building, or architecture? And then it hit me…everything! […]

FLIR i-Series Thermal Cameras

FLIR i3, i5, i7 Thermal Imaging Cameras – CES 2013 The FLIR booth is always an interesting visit at the Consumer Electronics Show. This year was no exception, as we got a look at their new iSeries Thermal Cameras. It’s a pretty impressive lineup with 3 different models from which to choose. Thermal Imaging Camera […]

ACDelco ARZ605 Inspection Camera – SEMA/AAPEX 2012

ACDelco ARZ605 Inspection Camera – SEMA/AAPEX 2012 Technology continues to amaze me, especially when it comes to cameras. A few short years ago (OK, it was like 2 decades ago now), my ex worked at a film production company owned by a very paranoid (and rich) man. He always felt someone was after him, so […]