Artic Cove 18V Bucket Top Misting Fan Review

Arctic Cove 18V Cordless Bucket Top Misting Fan Review (Model MBF018) Home Depot is now carrying a line of products by Arctic Cove and they asked if we’d like for them to send one to test out for review.  We agreed, and as a side note, though Home Depot provided the product, the opinions in […]

RoboReel Motorized Garden Hose Reel | Preview

RoboReel Hose Reel | NHS 2013 From the ingenious minds at Great Stuff, Inc., comes the RoboReel Motorized Garden Hose Reel. It’s nothing short of a mechanical marvel, and besides that – it’s just plain fun to play with and watch. For the unfamiliar, the concept is simple. The RoboReel unit contains 100 feet of […]