SOG Multi-tool: Paratool S31-N

SOG Paratool brings 14 tools to your pocket When you think about multi-tools, the word “Leatherman” most likely comes to mind.  After all, it’s sort of like the word “Kleenex” is to tissue , or “Velcro” is to hook and loop (who knew the other brands were called hook and loop tape?).  But there are […]

TERRACLEAN Mist In-Car Air Quality System 203160 – SEMA/AAPEX 2012

TERRACLEAN Mist In-Car Air Quality System 203160 It’s a mouthful to say the least, but this is a pretty cool tool. In a nutshell, it can do for your vehicle (or your clients’ vehicles, really) what HVAC duct cleaners do for sick houses. The Terraclean Mist System is an ultrasonic unit that disperses a mist […]

Mixing Mate Paint Lid from Rockler – Tool Review

I love doing tool reviews on tools that really bring on “Ah-hah!”, and “Why didn’t I think of that?” moments!  The Mixing Mate Paint Lid from Rocker is one of those tools.  We all know that painting is one of the easiest ways to change or update the look of any room and it’s not […]

WIN an AMPLIFI Hose Powering & Storage System!

This contest has ended, but we’re always giving something away! Check our Contest Page. SO WHAT IS AMPLIFI? The AMPLIFI Hose Powering & Storage System performs much like a pressure washer, but without a lot of the hassle. It increases the pressure and force of your garden hose, enabling you to power-clean things around the […]

DriCAT Neck it – Review

I tested and reviewed a very cool gadget from EK Ekcessories a few months ago, called the iCAT Neck It, and I’ve used it at every trade show since, and on a lot of video shoots where I needed my phone handy but needed my hands free.  EK Ekcessories has a whole line of great […]

ThingaMeJig Scribing Tool – Tool Review

  What’s in a name? When it comes to marketing and sales, everything. A friend of mine (Billy Carmen – mad scientist and purveyor of cool stuff at told me about this tool and thought I’d like it. He hit the nail on the head…or hit the Doohickey thing with the ThingaMeJig. Whatever the […]

Vacmaster VWM510 Wall Mount Wet/Dry Vac – Tool Review

According to the Vacmaster website, this is a new tool, but we’ve actually had it for a couple of years.  It’s been mounted to the wall at the office, and it’s been very useful to us.  Our former office was in an old car factory.  It was built in the early 1900s, and while it’s […]

Milwaukee M12 Heated Jacket 12v DC Plug Adapter

Milwaukee M12 Heated Jacket 12v DC Plug Adapter Milwaukee continues to heat up their accessory line-up for 2012. This 12v DC Adapter is designed to work with their HEATED JACKET line. It’s pretty straight-forward, but here’s the skinny from Cole Conrad at Milwaukee Tool – watch the video below. Milwaukee M12 Heated Jacket 12v DC […]

Milwaukee 2260-21 160×120 Thermal Imager – First Look

Here’s another example of a tool that almost makes me want to become a maintenance supervisor. Almost. Wilwaukee’s 2260-21 160×120 Thermal Imager is fun to simply play with, but with a $2500 retail price tag, it’s no toy. It is, however, pretty much straight out of a Star Trek episode. It takes thermal images and […]

Stanley 95-112 Tripod Flashlight Review

Of all of the flashlights I’ve ever owned, this is my favorite, and I use it the most often.  When this first came out from Stanley, it looked really cool, but the real question was did it do what it said it would, and the answer is undoubtedly “Yes”. Here are some of the features […]