Pelican 9420 Remote Area Work Light | CES 2013

Pelican 9420 Remote Area Work Light | CES 2013 Pelican always has the coolest stuff and we always walk away from their booth wanting one of everything. Good thing I’m not greedy! The 9420 LED Work Light is a masterpiece of modern engineering, just due to the way it manages to collapse into a carrying […]

Ecovacs Winbot Window Cleaning Robot | CES 2013

Ecovacs Winbot Robot Who doesn’t love cleaning windows? Really? Wouldn’t it be great if someone invented a robot to do the job for you? Funny you should mention that… That’s one of the great things about the Consumer Electronics Show – you never know what you’re gonna get. We found a company that manufactures robots […]

CES 2013 – Gadgets, Electronics & Cool Stuff

CES 2013 – Las Vegas, Nevada It’s HUGE. That’s the best way to describe this show. Oh, and it’s like a giant candy store for anyone who loves gadgets, gizmos, TVs, electronics and even tools. The 2013 show will be the largest ever – and what better place to hold it than Las Vegas, the […]

iCat Reel It iPhone Lanyard – Tool Review

iCat Reel It iPhone Lanyard You know the sound – it’s unmistakable. The sound when you drop your iPhone and it hits the ground in just such a way. It’s the sound of thousands of tiny micro-cracks spreading across your once-glorious screen. If it lands face-down, there’s a moment (albeit short-lived) in which you try […]