HoverCam Mini 5 HD Camera – CES Video Preview

HoverCam Mini 5 HD Camera I’ve always been drawn to cameras (go figure). So when my natural curiosity drew me to the HoverCam booth, I started to justify why we should bring this camera to your attention. I mean, what would this have to do with construction, building, or architecture? And then it hit me…everything! […]

GoalZero Switch8 Solar Recharging Kit

Portable Solar Charger – GoalZero We’re always willing to take a look at solar products, just in case one actually makes sense. That’s exactly what happened when we stepped into the GoalZero booth at CES this year. We were introduced not only to the Yeti Solar Generator, but this handy little tool, as well. The […]

Eton FRX3 Weather Alert Radio

Eton Weather Radio FRX3 – CES 2013 Weather is unpredictable. That is an understatement and the main reason it’s a good idea to have at least one (if not several) weather radios in your shop, home, or office. At the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, we had the chance to look at Eton’s […]

FLIR i-Series Thermal Cameras

FLIR i3, i5, i7 Thermal Imaging Cameras – CES 2013 The FLIR booth is always an interesting visit at the Consumer Electronics Show. This year was no exception, as we got a look at their new iSeries Thermal Cameras. It’s a pretty impressive lineup with 3 different models from which to choose. Thermal Imaging Camera […]

Bosch RHH181 18v Rotary Hammer | CES 2013

Bosch RHH181 18v Rotary Hammer | CES 2013 Of all to places to find a cordless rotary hammer, the Consumer Electronics Show was one of the last places that comes to mind. That is, however, precisely where we found the Bosch team unveiling this new powerhouse of a tool. The Bosch RHH181 features the latest […]

Pelican 9420 Remote Area Work Light | CES 2013

Pelican 9420 Remote Area Work Light | CES 2013 Pelican always has the coolest stuff and we always walk away from their booth wanting one of everything. Good thing I’m not greedy! The 9420 LED Work Light is a masterpiece of modern engineering, just due to the way it manages to collapse into a carrying […]

GoalZero Yeti 1250 Solar Generator | CES 2013

GoalZero Yeti 1250 Solar Generator | CES 2013 For those of us who’ve worked construction, the sound of a gas-guzzling generator is almost comforting – almost. Imagine, though, being able to power your saws, lights, and other tools with a generator that makes no sound at all. It might almost be disconcerting. Or maybe not. […]

Eton ZoneGuard Weather Alert Radio | CES 2013

Eton ZoneGuard Weather Alert Radio | CES 2013 We saw this little gadget at the show and realized it’s something that every shop should have. The Eton ZoneGuard Weather Alert Radio has a couple of cool features that make it shop-friendly. It alerts you to weather emergencies not only audibly, but visually as well. Power […]

Bosch 4.0Ah Battery Technology | CES 2013

Bosch 4.0Ah Battery Technology Bosch showcased everything from kitchen appliances to lasers at the Consumer Electronics Show this year. They included an in-depth look at their 4.0Ah Lithium-Ion battery technology, coming to the U.S. in February 2013. What makes the new tech so interesting is the that Bosch claims it has seen (in their testing) […]

Lazy Hands Thumbs-Free Grips | CES 2013

Lazy Hands Thumbs-Free Grips How many times have you dropped your cell phone, iPad, or e-reader and felt that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach? Did it break? Is it ruined? Isn’t there a better way? Chances are, you hadn’t heard of Lazy Hands Thumbs-Free Grips at that point in time. Because if […]