CES 2013 – Gadgets, Electronics & Cool Stuff

CES 2013 – Las Vegas, Nevada It’s HUGE. That’s the best way to describe this show. Oh, and it’s like a giant candy store for anyone who loves gadgets, gizmos, TVs, electronics and even tools. The 2013 show will be the largest ever – and what better place to hold it than Las Vegas, the […]

DriCAT Neck it – Review

I tested and reviewed a very cool gadget from EK Ekcessories a few months ago, called the iCAT Neck It, and I’ve used it at every trade show since, and on a lot of video shoots where I needed my phone handy but needed my hands free.  EK Ekcessories has a whole line of great […]

iCat Reel It iPhone Lanyard – Tool Review

iCat Reel It iPhone Lanyard You know the sound – it’s unmistakable. The sound when you drop your iPhone and it hits the ground in just such a way. It’s the sound of thousands of tiny micro-cracks spreading across your once-glorious screen. If it lands face-down, there’s a moment (albeit short-lived) in which you try […]