Senco Pneumatic Stapler SLS25XP Review

Senco Pneumatic Stapler is Lightweight, yet Rugged Why Do Cabinet Makers Prefer Staplers? My neighbor, the cabinet maker, woodworking extraordinaire, once told me that he prefers using a pneumatic stapler when making cabinets.  So, when I got a chance to test out the SLS25XP from Senco, I called him in on the testing.  Here’s what […]

July Newsletter Subscriber Giveaway | Senco F-18 Brad Nailer

Giveaway: Senco F-18 18-Gauge Cordless Brad Nailer Featuring Fusion Technology So what is Fusion Technoloy? According to Senco, Fusion Technology “combines pneumatic power with cordless convenience”.  The technology uses a sealed nitrogen gas cylinder which stores up energy.  When the trigger is pulled the energy is released to push a piston which drives the nail.  […]