Strap-Loc Strap Holder by Bench Dog Tools

I never knew I needed one of these. I’ve always been the type of guy who simple wraps the 2 parts of my ratchet straps together and secures the little package with the extra length of strap. Now, Bench Dog Tools has thrown a wrench into my otherwise mundane routine. If you just can’t stand the sight of a messy strap, the Strap-Loc is perfect.

It consists of a notched rigid plate for wrapping the excess strapping. A short length of stretchy cord secures the strap in place for a nice, tight bundle.

You can buy a pair for less than $6.00 to keep all your ratchet straps tidy and neat.

My only issue when using the Strap-Loc was where to position the plastic plate when the strap was in use. I think that may be a game-time decision for each individual user. There are graphic instructions on the product card, but they still had me a little mystified. I tend to over-think the simple at times.

Once I got the hang of it, at least once I think I got the hang of it, the Strap-Loc worked perfectly, keeping excess strappage neatly tucked out of the way. It’s the perfect little gadget for neat-freaks everywhere.

To purchase a pair of  Strap-Locs for $5.99 from Amazon: CLICK HERE

For more information on this and other Bench Dog Tools: Bench Dog Website


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Brad Staggs

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