Stilletto Tool Stories – From The National Hardware Show

2012 National Hardware Show – First Look Series:


We’ve always been a fan of Stilletto hammers and tools since the days of DIY Tools & Techniques when they were our guest on the show. As a matter of fact, it was Andrea Ridout ( who made the introduction. Since that time (too many years ago to want to count), we’ve watched Stilletto grow and be acquired by a bigger fish. That’s ok, though, as Joel Allen remained on with the company as both consultant and sales executive. He’s always been a wealth of knowledge when it comes to explaining the benefits of using the hammers. I’m sure there are nay-sayers out there who will refute the claims of the Stilletto hammer users, but again, that’s ok. The guys who use the hammers on a daily basis and who know the benefit they bring to their jobs and arms are the real winners here. We just thought it would be nice to share some “happy stories” from Stilletto. It’s just our way of sharing the love.




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For more information on Stilletto tools: Stilletto Website


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