Stanley Pivoting Blower Fan 655704

Pivoting Fan

Stanley Blower Fan by Lasko Review

This small utility fan is surprisingly powerful, given its rather tiny footprint. It’s made mostly of plastic, including the squirrel cage, which accounts for it light weight. Honestly, I’m surprised at how many ways I’ve already found to put it to good use – it has certainly lived up to the ‘utility’ moniker. The utility fan is manufactured by Lasko, under the Stanley brand name.

Utility Fan

Despite its small size and light weight, this fan can move some air!

Stanley Fan Model 655704 Features

  • 12″ High x 12″ Deep x 8″ Wide
  • 3 speed selections
  • 2 auxiliary power outlets
  • 20+ pivot detentes
  • 9 foot + power cord
  • Carry handle
  • 100 blade blower cage
  • Circuit breaker

Great Fan For Jobsites

I’ve already put this fan to work helping dry out both the shop floor and some carpeting in a client’s home, following a hard rain and flood watch here in Nashville. The pivoting head comes in very handy on jobs like this, as you’re able to precisely direct the airflow right where it’s needed.

Utility Fan

I actually had to use speed 2, because the fan was actually moving the ponded water; I just wanted air to circulate for evaporative purposes.

Utility Fan

The carpet was dried quickly, but due to staining, will likely have to be replaced anyway.

The auxiliary outlets are convenient, as well. I don’t think I’d run a miter saw off them, but they’re great for work lights, a radio, battery chargers, etc. That’s a nice feature to have on a jobsite, obviously.

Utility Fan

The outlets are handy and the 4 position speed selector knob moves smoothly.

Blower Fan Testing

I decided to see just how powerful the fan was and tested it by blowing some leaves off the patio. It worked, and while I wouldn’t recommend using the pivot fan as a leaf blower, it’s nice to know it’s available in a pinch.

Utility Fan

While not its intended purpose, the Stanley Pivot Utility Fan did an admirable job of clearing dried leaves from a patio.

Utility Fan

The carry handle is comfortable with no sharp edges.

More along the lines of its true call to duty, I can see the obvious benefits of using this blower fan to speed up:

  • Paint Drying
  • Plaster and Drywall Mud Drying
  • Circulate air in a stuffy room

I’ve been using it in the shop and on the job just to stay cool and it’s done amazingly well, while be surprisingly quiet. I tend to like white noise, especially at night, so this would be a good bedroom fan, as well if you’re the same. It’ll certainly keep the air circulating.

Utility Fan

The fan’s wide stance helps prevent it from blowing itself over. It really is that powerful.

Fan Pros:

  • Lightweight
  • Quiet operation
  • Inexpensive
  • Powerful Blower
  • Long cord
  • Comfortable carry handle

Fan Cons:

  • Plastic construction

Stanley Blower Fan 655704 Quality

Utility Fan

The Stanley Pivoting Fan moves a lot of air through this intake.

Overall, I give this utility fan high marks for its usefulness, power and features. Short of throwing this fan into the back of a truck and tossing a miter saw on top of it, it should give you years of use. I’d recommend blowing off the squirrel cage every few weeks just to keep the dust from building, but other than that, this is a great accessory to have on the job, in the shop, or around the house.

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