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Snap-on Introduces VANTAGE Ultra™

 The Perfect Companion to Any Scan Tool

LINCOLNSHIRE, IL, Feb. 3, 2014 – VANTAGE Ultra™ from Snap-on is a new graphing multimeter and high-speed, two channel lab scope that provides fast and reliable tests to verify failed components before starting the vehicle repair. With all the scope functionality that professional service technicians need to accurately identify the exact failing part on any vehicle, VANTAGE Ultra provides the ability, expert knowledge, tests and tips that are needed to help eliminate guesswork, reduce comebacks and increase confidence in every recommended repair.

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“Scanner codes and data are valuable clues to locate vehicle faults, but scanner information shows what the vehicle control module ‘sees,’” said Rich Shepherd, product manager, Snap-on Diagnostics. “For ultimate confidence in the diagnosis, nothing beats a direct test of a component before replacing it. The new VANTAGE Ultra is the perfect companion to any scan tool. Exclusive Fast-Track® Guided Component Tests show technicians where to connect, how to connect and what results to look for, so they never have to worry about replacing the wrong part again.”

Features and benefits of VANTAGE Ultra include:

Two-Channel Lab Scope

  • High speed two-channel lab scope displays live signals for two waveforms in real time
  • Powerful Peak Detect function grabs glitches, dropouts and ignition spikes
  • Six megasamples/second captures high-speed details and faults that other scopes miss
  • Scale range: 0-100mV to 0-400V
  • Sweep rate: 50 microseconds to 20 seconds

 Digital Meter & Graphing Meter

  • Auto scaling, high-impedance multimeter
  • Graphing and digital results, with minimum/maximum display and cursors to measure points on waveform
  • Sweep rate: one second to five minutes

Fast-Track Guided Component Tests

  • Vehicle-specific guides test procedures for millions of components for a confident diagnosis
  • Automatic meter configuration matches the selected test; customize settings to your needs
  • Test coverage for sensors, solenoids, injectors, charging/starting systems, ignition, motors, pumps, ABS and more
  • Component description and operation explains normal component operation
  • Component locator and connector diagrams show how to connect
  • Best test location shows easy access points for specific vehicle, based on technician experience
  • Reference waveforms and vehicle specs to compare good/bad results, for a certain pass-fail diagnosis

VANTAGE Ultra boots up in five seconds and the large, eight-inch display shows test results with high-resolution clarity for more detail and better insight. Technicians can control everything with simple icon and menu navigation, using the four-way keypad or touchscreen, even while wearing gloves. Guided Component Tests automatically configure the meter settings for the chosen test. For complete control, technicians can customize the settings with one touch.

To learn more about the new VANTAGE Ultra, talk to a Snap-on representative or visit

About Snap-on Diagnostics:

Snap-on Diagnostics is part of Snap-on Incorporated, a leading global innovator, manufacturer and marketer of tools, diagnostics and repair information and systems solutions for professional users performing critical tasks. Products are sold through the company’s franchisee, company-direct distributor and Internet channels. Founded in 1920, Snap-on is headquartered in Kenosha, Wisconsin. To learn more about any of Snap-on’s diagnostic solutions, talk to a Snap-on representative or visit

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