Smart Hitch Camera System – SEMA/AAPEX 2012

Smart Hitch Top

Smart Hitch Camera System – SEMA/AAPEX 2012

Few things have frustrated me over the course of my life as much as hooking up a trailer. I doubt I’m alone in that sentiment. Sure, there are those who can do it blindfolded in under 10 seconds – and they’ll let you know how good they are at every opportunity. Admit it, you know at least one of two of them. They’re freaks! For the rest of us, there’s the Smart Hitch Camera System.

The Smart Hitch Camera System is much like any other back-up warning/alert system, in that you install the camera at the rear of your vehicle and it provides you with a clear view of any obstructions or danger in your immediate path. In addition, the Smart Hitch also adds a nifty “target” zone that makes it easier (and even directs you) to attach any trailer to any ball. Sound like elvin magic? Hmmmm. Take a look at our video preview below and decide for yourself.

Smart Hitch Camera System



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