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SimpleScribe scribing tool

SimpleScribe Eliminates Guesswork

Marty Crochet is the inventor of SimpleScribe. The Tool Skool Inventor’s Corner salutes Marty and his ingenuity! Marty has made his living as a carpenter for many years, installing paneling, laminate countertops, building cabinets and many other jobs where he is dealing with contoured floors or walls. Like many other carpenters, he needed something to make the jobs go faster and easier, so he made his own tool by cutting a block of wood into a scribing tool.

SimpleScribe Hero

Invented by Marty Crochet and Made in the USA

While building and installing cabinets in a client’s house, a friend of the homeowner dropped by and noticed the scribing block. He  asked Marty if he’d either tell him how to make one or make one for him. When Marty asked why he wanted one, he explained that he was a ship fitter (fitting iron) and a tool like that would make his job go more quickly and more accurately. That’s when Marty decided to make the tool for other people to help with their jobs.

SimpleScribe Scribing Tool

Eliminates the guesswork when working with contoured walls or baseboards.

How does SimpleScribe work? Brad put it to the test and here’s the video that shows it in action and Brad’s thoughts.

Video Review of the SimpleScribe

SimpleScribe Features and Recap

So just to recap, push any standard #2 pencil into the SimpleScribe and then turn it so that it threads into place. The threading feature holds the pencil securely so that it can’t move back and forth while you are pushing it to make the scribe mark.

Simple Scribe Scribing Tool

Insert standard pencil and “thread” into place.

The block itself is a bit odd shaped because it has 7 sides. Each of the sides is marked with the measurement of the amount of offset from the center point of the pencil. The measurements run from ¼” all the way up to 1 inch. Choose the measurement you need, turn it to that side and begin scribing.

SimpleScribe Scribing Tool

Measurement Marks

And it’s not just for making straight lines either. Simple scribe can be used around round or curved surfaces as well. And if you want more ideas of the different jobs where it comes in handy, go to to see the series of videos available showing SimpleScribe in use on many different projects.

SimpleScribe Scribing Tool

Scribing Circle

Additional Features:

As previously stated, the SimpleScribe, is very “simple”, which is the beauty of it, but it does have one additional feature: a small ruler on the back. Since it will most likely find a home in your tool pouch, that will come in handy from time to time.

SimpleScribe Scribing Tool

Ruler on the back

For around $10 each, the SimpleScribe can be purchased at It’s available in green or orange and you can order in bulk.

SimpleScribe Scribing Tool

Available in orange or green

Kudos to Marty for inventing the SimpleScribe!  If you have an invention you’d like Tool Skool to check out, send the info to Maybe you’ll be featured in the Inventor’s Corner.


Editor’s Note:

Although we often receive tools for review at no cost to us, the views and opinions are always our own.  I thought a little clarification was in order for this particular review.  A colleague of ours on another website met Marty a couple of years ago and has been trying to help him with product exposure.  He asked Tool Skool if we would look at the tool, do a video review and spread the word about the tool.  After receiving the tool for review, we liked what we saw and felt it was an appropriate fit for Tool Skool.  From time to time we receive a small amount of compensation to offset the cost of video production.  This was the case for SimpleScribe.  As always, the views and opinions are still those of the individual writer’s and reviews on Tool Skool.