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GalStore Pour Top

Shur Line GalStore Lid Review

Quick, what’s the biggest pain in the backside whenever you have to pour paint or stain from a gallon container? If you said, “The MESS and cleanup”, you get 10 points and a shop towel. And you’ll love the GalStore and Pour Paint Lid from Shur Line.

GalStore 1a

I’ve used several different products that claimed to be hassle-free AND prevent messy clean-up and spills. I was less than thrilled with most of them. In the case of the GalStore, all my dreams have been realized…well, except for that one where someone else does the painting.

GalStore Paint Lid Features

  • 2 position pour spout
  • Relief valve
  • Flat top when closed
  • Keeps paint or stain fresh
  • Easy clean up
Pour & Store Lid

The relief valve seals tightly to keep the contents fresh, and allows the spout to close flat against lid.

Pour & Store Lid

The capped spout makes for neater pours and closes tightly.

Using the GalStore Paint Can Lid

It couldn’t be any easier (again, unless someone else did the work). You remove the paint can lid, and install the GalStore Lid. It’s made from a pliable rubberized material (I’ll just call it rubber for simplicity’s sake) that slips easily over the top of the gallon container.

Pour & Store Lid

The pour and store lid fits easily, but snugly, over the lip of a gallon paint or stain container.

Once the GalStore is in place, you simply open the relief valve and flip up the pour spout, then open the spout cap. It makes for a nice, clean pour every time.

Pour & Store Lid

Pouring stain has never been easier or neater for me.

It’s such a nice tight seal, that even after shaking the can (be sure to close both the spout and the relief valve) and pouring stain, there were no signs of leakage anywhere around the rim. Call me impressed.

Pour & Store Lid

Like a quality diaper, it didn’t leak or drip 🙂

GalStore Quality & Clean Up

Of course, the biggest test of how well products like these work is how easily they come clean. Granted, I was using a stain that required only soap and water, but the I was still pretty tickled at how the dried residue on the lid peeled off so easily. It’s almost fun to do. Almost.

Pour & Store Lid

For some reason, it reminds me of the Austin Powers movie Goldmember, but that’s another story. Let’s just say it cleans up fast.

Another quick benefit of the GalStore is its design when closed. Simply put, it’s reasonably flat on top. That means you can put other stuff on top of IT. I wouldn’t go crazy with this, but it makes it a lot easier to store smaller containers of stain or paint on top of the gallon on the shelf.

Pour & Store Lid

The flatness of the GalStore when closed allows you to stack another gallon on top. Or in this case, a working container of stain.

GalStore and Pour Paint Can Lid Opinion

As far as I’m concerned, Shur Line has a hit on their hands with this product. It does what it says it will and it’s reasonably priced (less than $10 currently). It makes pouring, clean up, and storage simpler and easier. That, in turn, makes painting or staining anything LESS of a hassle. Winning.

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