Senco ProFlex Air Hose PC0978 Review

Senco PC0978 ProFlex Air Hose

Senco ProFlex 1/4″ x 100′ Reinforced Polyurethane Air Hose

Versatile, Lightweight, and Durable

When you are working with pneumatic tools, you can’t overlook accessories, like an air hose.  There are many positives about the ProFlex PC0978.  This air hose is a versatile and compact option for any job site or workshop. It combines light weight with durability. Its polyurethane coating provides a tough coating as well as a mar resistance surface. Many other similar hoses can be heavier and their coatings can leave discoloration or marks on wall corners and others surfaces when dragged across them during a job. The smaller diameter in addition to saving space also is much easier to manipulate when moving around other pieces of work or the shop.

Senco ProFlex PC0978 Air Hose Review

Senco PC0978 ProFlex Air Hose 1/4″ x 100′

Braided Interior Core

Its braided interior core does indeed provide exceptional strength to the hose and can prevent cutting in the shop. On the other hand, that same internal strengthening braid does give the hose a bit of a bias when trying to coil it for transporting or storage. This bias is not as bad as in other larger diameter hoses but is a slight inconvenience.

Senco ProMax PC0978 Air Hose

Braided interior makes the hose durable

If I could make one change:

The larger issue is during set up of the hose. Most users will not use this hose in a fixed shop configuration where it will be permanently attached to a single air supply and left there. Even in these configurations some coupling must be added to the other end to accommodate tools. Both ends of this hose come with a double nut coupling arrangement. It initially appears that the outer nut can be removed so a quick connect coupling can be added easily. However this is not the case.

Attempting to do so requires the inner nut to be held in place with a box wrench, vice or some other locking tool. But the rubber cover rides high over the inner nut requiring it to be pulled back to expose this nut. Even after all this the outer nut does not come loose and appears to be placing stress on the hose / inner nut connection. In addition to all this both the inner and outer nut are not even the width of a standard box wrench’s thickness. All in all this makes attempting to remove the outer nut to attach a coupling without removing the outer nut much more cumbersome than it would initially appear.

Senco ProMax PC0978 Air Hose

What’s the verdict?

Despite the issue above, the hose remains a fine addition to the tool box. According to Senco, this polyurethane style air hose offers maximum flexibility in lower temperatures.  And it has a 250psi work pressure rating, along with being oil and fuel resistant.  The non-marring exterior surface, light weight and small diameter make it a tough compliment to the other fine products Senco produces.

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