Senco Pneumatic Stapler SLS25XP Review

Senco Pneumatic Stapler SLS25XP

Senco Pneumatic Stapler is Lightweight, yet Rugged

Why Do Cabinet Makers Prefer Staplers?

My neighbor, the cabinet maker, woodworking extraordinaire, once told me that he prefers using a pneumatic stapler when making cabinets.  So, when I got a chance to test out the SLS25XP from Senco, I called him in on the testing.  Here’s what we came up with.  The Senco stapler is in many respects similar to most pneumatic staplers in its class. The reason that a stapler is a must for cabinet makers is the staple is far superior in holding strength to the single shaft nail or pin. They are used primarily in areas of a cabinet where the staple will not be seen as they leave a rather large and unsightly mark on the material which if to be finished will stand out. Some of the best applications are when shooting through a piece of plywood in order to fasten it to another mater as the plywood layers can crush or lack the internal consistency necessary to hold with a nail.

Senco Pneumatic Stapler SLS25XP

Senco Pneumatic Stapler SLS25XP


We found this particular model to be lightweight (2.67 lbs), rugged, and reliable. The knobby gray grip is comfortable to hold and provides the necessary traction to hold the tool firmly even with a gloved hand. The trigger mechanism is well protected and factory set to a comfortable poundage (i.e., the force required to activate the device).  It is a contact actuated trigger.

Senco Pneumatic Stapler SLS25XP

Lightweight yet rugged

The tray holds an adequate number of staples (168 fasteners) to reduce the number of reloading evolutions without trailing behind the stapler to an uncomfortable or awkward length. And the cushion, protective plastic cap at the base of piston, does a good job of protecting the work surface. This is a nice feature even though as previously mentioned these staplers are not often used in applications where fasteners (i.e., screws, nails, staples) will be noticed. The bright red trademark finish of the Senco brand allows it to stand out at a job sight even when covered in a light layer of saw dust.

Senco Pneumatic Stapler SLS25XP

Tray holds 168 fasteners / Protective plastic cap

Air Deflector Ports

A few things I would have preferred to see on any tool, are lacking on this particular model, at least in my perfect world. The most worrisome, and to some extent, what some would consider a possible safety issue, is the configuration of the fixed deflector ports on the top of the main body above the piston cylinder. Due to their fixed nature, the operator is forced to turn the stapler in a particular direction to avoid having a blast of air exhaust hit him/her. When holding the stapler parallel (up and down) to the body, the air is pushed away from the user.

Senco Pneumatic Stapler SLS25XP

Air is pushed away from the user

However in many applications the operator is holding the stapler perpendicular (or sideways) to the body.

Senco Pneumatic Stapler SLS25Xp

Air is pushed up when stapler is held in this position

When activated in this manner the air burst can be directed into the operator’s face even up and behind safety glasses. The first time this happened to me it was startling.

Senco Pneumatic Stapler SLS25XP

Air can be pushed towards the face

This problem can be mitigated by turning the stapler 90 degrees but that may involve repositioning the tool and/or air supply hose. In any case it is an inconvenience that could be mitigated more easily by a rotating deflector found on other similar products.

Air Supply Plug

The next issue is probably just a pet peeve of mine, but I think it warrants a mention, and maybe the folks at Senco could consider making a change with the air supply plug. While not as critical to have flexibility on a tool like this as say on a tool that requires use in far more cramped spaces (i.e., inside corner crown molding) the flexible or swivel plug is always a benefit. Since Senco ships this tool with a plug it might as well ship it with the swivel variety it uses on some of its other tools. Any little thing that can make the operator struggle less with alignment and holding prior to activating the tool is a plus.

Senco Pneumatic Stapler SLS25XP

Non-swivel plug on this tool

Senco Pneumatic Stapler SLS25XP

Swivel plug on other Senco tools

Air Pressure

By no fault of the tool, but just something to mention, I did notice that too little pressure caused the staple to not fully enter the wood. I normally operate my tools at 80 to 90 psi. One time when my compressor kick off unbeknownst to me and I have an outlet pressure of 75psi the staple only entered the work about 3/4s of the way. Keep an eye on your air pressure as staples are hard to removed and leave a nasty mark on your project.  Senco recommends the operating pressure should range from 75-120 psi.

Final Thoughts

Overall I am very pleased with the stapler and would certainly recommend Senco as a product line to others in the market for pneumatic tools.  Oh, and some final stats for you: This stapler will drive 18 Ga. 1/4″ , 3/8″ Crowns, 1 1/2″ medium wire staplers.  Senco also offers a 5 year limited warranty on this tool.

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