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Senco Portable Compressor PC1010N

Senco PC1010N 1 Gallon Finish and Trim Compressor

The testing of this portable compressor was a joint effort between me and my neighbor who is a woodworker, cabinet maker and friend.  I asked him to test is out on some of his projects so that he could give me his professional opinion on this tool.  You can also read his thoughts on the Senco FinishPro 23LXP that he used in conjunction with this compressor.

Senco Compressor PC1010N

What Works

The Senco portable compressor is a tool every craftsman should have. It is light weight, well balanced, and easy to lift onto counters and other higher surfaces where a larger job site compressor would be impractical or require longer hoses to operate.

The Panel

The gauges are easy to read and understand which helps when making adjustments to tank and tool pressure.

Senco PC1010N Portable Compressor

Tank Gauge

Senco PC1010N Portable Compressor

Tool Pressure Gauge

The panel is not cluttered and other major components and switches (i.e., drain plug, on/off switch, and pressure release valve) are out of the way but easily accessible.

Senco PC1010N Portable Compressor

Panel is not cluttered

Senco PC1010N Portable Compressor

Roll Cage

The PC1010N Vs. other small compressors

Though the Senco PC1010N portable compressor is similar to other small compressors in that it runs almost constantly when in use, it still delivers enough air to power most any tool. Also its startup torque is reduced enough that it does not cause weaker electrical circuits to pop the breaker. Other smaller compressors I have used occasionally will draw so much electricity to kick on and began the compressor cycle that circuits pop extending job time and huge inconvenience to both tradesman and perhaps home owner.

Since it’s portable, is it easy to carry?

When being carried it is balanced and has no sharp edges which makes moving it easy. The frame and other parts are conveniently nested inside the outer length of the air cylinder so when carried all that ride on the pants leg is the smooth cylinder end.

Senco PC1010N Portable Compressor

No sharp edges when carrying

A particularly nice feature is the suction cup-like feet the help prevent slippage on surfaces such as granite counters or metal work benches. Though not really suctions cups (though they could be) the opportunities to slide are very much reduced.

Senco PC1010N Portable compressor

Suction cup-like feet

A few suggestions

A couple things I would like to see improved or added include a flag-like device to assist in pulling the pressure release valve ring. On various commercial aircraft and military ordinance a small red nylon streamer is hung from pins and rings to assist in pulling and identify the location for pulling to release pressure. A small 6” x 1” red nylon streamer that states in white letters “pressure release value” might be helpful.

Senco PC1010N Portable Compressor

Pressure Release Valve

Another item is how the cord must be wound around the copper and brass fittings for ease of carry. A guide of some sort might add a small amount of weight but would prevent the cord being wrapped too tight or tangled up in the pipping behind the face plate. Part of this guide system could be tall enough to accommodate a small hose to be wrapped around the unit to reduce the number of trips from truck to job site by being able to carry the hose with the compressor.

Senco PC1010N Portable Compressor

No true cord wrap

Features as stated by Senco

  • Oil free pump design – maintenance free
  • Quiet operation – 68 dB A
  • Weighs only 21 lbs
  • Full one year limited warranty

Final Thoughts

Overall I really appreciate this small, well balanced and powerful compressor. Nothing beats it on the job site to avoid long hoses and noisy larger units.

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