Ryobi One+ Super Charger Review

Ryobi One+ Super Charger:

A battery charger is a battery charger, right?  Not if it’s the Ryobi Intelliport Charging System.  The charger charges up to 6 Ryobi batteries at a time, and they can be either NiCad 18V One+ batteries, or 18V Lithium Ion One+ batteries.

This charger is pretty self explanatory if you just take a look at the box, but after testing it,  I found the claims to be true as best as I could tell.  It has a 1 hour charge time, and charges each of the 6 18V batteries one at a time, in one hour or less… check, that worked in the test.

The next thing you’ll see on the box is that the charger helps to maximize battery life by keeping them cool, which in turn keeps them operating a peak performance.  It charges the batteries only as needed, and the batteries that are stored on the charger don’t heat up too much, which is good since heat is a battery’s biggest enemy.  I assume this claim to be true, as the batteries are always ready to go, and they are not at all hot to the touch.  Another check!  Also, they have the energy star stamp of approval as a qualified battery charger for a better environment.

The charger comes with a quick-release wall mount bracket that reduces workspace clutter.  The charger releases from the mount easily and the batteries are securely locked into place for transport.  The soft-grip handle at the top makes it easy to carry batteries to a jobsite or to your buddy’s house to help him or her finish the “honey-do” list.

If you use the Ryobi One+ line of tools, the 6 port Supercharger is a great accessory to have.  Never be without power, and keep your batteries lasting longer!   You can find the charger anywhere from around $100 – $150, but here’s a link for less than $100. Yes, that’s a chunk of change, but if time is money, you certainly get every penny’s worth.


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