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Racor Snap2It Tool Storage System

Let’s face it, we all have a lot of stuff. In some cases, too much. That’s never the case with tools, though, right? I mean, you can never have too many, but they need to be organized so you don’t end up buying 3 of everything just because you didn’t realize you already had 2 in a box somewhere. That’s where Racor’s Snap2It Tool Storage System can help. It’s a completely flexible system that I found easy to use and simple to install. If you need to get your ducks (or hoses or AC cords or whatever else) in a row, read on…

Tool Storage

The Snap2It System is in use here, along with the Racor SecureHold Hangers.

Snap2It Features

  • Based on “Walldocks”
  • Simple installation
  • Installation tools needed: Drill/Driver, Pilot Bit, Level, Pencil
  • Several hook styles

Installing Snap2It System

The heart of the system is the Walldock, and it can be placed anywhere you need it. It installs with 2 screws and has a cover to give it a tidy appearance. If you have cinderblock or concrete walls, you’ll need to use masonry screws and pre-drill.

Tool Storage

Each Walldock has 2 wood screws included. For masonry installations, you’ll need to drill pilot holes and use Tapcons.


The Walldocks have a small vanity cover for a neat, finished look.

Once you’ve decided what you need to organize, you simply create a rough layout on your wall, making sure that each item you’ll be storing has ample space around it to allow for access to other items. Then, install the Walldocks in the appropriate spots and add the optional storage accessory item. Pretty simple and it doesn’t take a ton of time to figure out how to use it. Simplicity is big in my book, and this system is pretty simple.

Using Snap2It Accessories

There are 6 different hanger/hooks and a basket from which to choose. Again, it all depends on what you need to store.


The Snap2It Hose Hanger is great installed near your air compressor.


If you insist on keeping your extension cords tidy and in their place, there’s a hook for that, too.

Each hook is secured to an individual Walldock by sliding the lock button upward, then releasing once the accessory is in place.

Tool Storage

The Walldocks lock each storage hook or basket into place with a sliding button.

Tool Storage

You can tell the lock is in place when you can see the red indicator at the bottom.

Snap2It Storage System Opinion

We like the overall simplicity of the system at Tool Skool. While we’d like to see some new options for storage hooks or baskets, there’s likely a hook to suit your needs at this point in time. Installation is simple and the system can be used not only in the shop, but would look neat and tidy just about anywhere in a home’s utility areas.

The Walldocks are inexpensive (+/-$2/each) and the accessories are affordable, as well. Overall, if you want to get things organized in your shop, laundry room, utility closet, this is definitely worth looking into. Racor has been in the storage business for quite some time now, and they continue to innovate with other solutions that we love (their Ladder Lift is da bomb!)

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