Racor SecureHold Tool Holders

Racor SecureHold

Racor SecureHold Tool Holders – Born of Consumer Research

Nothing is quite as funny to watch – or painful to experience – as stepping on a garden rake and having the handle whack you in the face. Not that we’d ever laugh at someone in such an unfortunate situation, but the first result in a YouTube search for “Stepping on a Rake!” is pretty funny, if you have a twisted sense of humor 🙂

If you’re not into that sort of comedy or pain, meet the antidote: the Racor SecureHold line. We first saw them at the 2012 Hardware Show in Las Vegas and decided to take a closer look in the Tool Skool shop.

Racor has several storage solutions for the shop and garage.

Racor has several storage solutions for the shop and garage.

During our visit to the Racor booth, we learned that they had done some consumer research before developing and bringing these to market.  Apparently most people they spoke with were disappointed with the existing tool holders didn’t seem to hold long-handled tools in place against the wall. They complained that if you merely brushed by a shovel, rake, or other long-handled tool while it was resting on its hook, it was likely to fall. Doesn’t seem like a catastrophe until you think about that falling implement landing on your new car’s sparkling paint job. Or worse, a small pet or toddler meandering through the area. A shovel head from 6 feet off the ground can inflict some serious damage, as you can imagine.

From that discussion with consumers, Racor created SecureHold. The emphasis on the word “secure”. These holders are designed to keep tools firmly locked safely in place and against the wall.

Racor SecureHold Tool Holders

Racor SecureHold Tool Holders are available in: Triple, Double, and Single.

Racor SecureHold In Detail:

Available in three different sizes, all of the tool holders share some common features:

  • Steel construction – powder coated finish.
  • “Spring” opening and V-groove to hold tools in place.
  • Maximum weight capacity – 65 lbs.

When I first saw these holders, I thought they were plastic – they had such a smooth finish. I was impressed to see that the were constructed and finished in such a way that it seems like they’ll stand up to some abuse over the years.

Getting down to the details, Racor added nice touches that indicated some attention was paid to fit, finish, and quality. They didn’t leave a bare edge for the tool to sit on – instead, there’s a nice rolled edge along the length of each groove. Even the small red caps are nice touch, adding both visibility and covering potentially finger-scraping edges.

Racor SecureHold Features

The spring opening is a terrific safety feature. When hanging a tool from the holder, the user needs to apply some force to get it past these jaws. The benefit there is that the tool is far less likely to be knocked out of the holder with casual contact. We tested this both at the show and in the shop and it’s true. They seem very secure in the grooved recesses of each holder.


Racor SecureHold Spring Jaw

Racor SecureHold Spring Jaw









Installation and Musings:

The holders each come with a couple of pretty hefty mounting screws. I’d recommend some pilot holes during installation unless you’re just feeling gutsy. With that said, I’ll state the obvious – be sure to install these into studs or other wood framing material. It defeats the purpose of having a secure tool holder if they’re attached to drywall.

Racor Secure Hold Install

Overall, I like the SecureHold system. Racor has shown in the past that they are innovators who pay attention to detail. They lived up to that rep here. These accessories are reasonably priced, easy to install and do what they say they will.

If you’re looking for a safe, secure way to store your garden – and other long-handled – tools, these might be your answer. The Racor SecureHold line offers several options at reasonable prices.

For Product/Purchase Information, here are some links to the Racor website:

 SecureHold Single Tool Holder (SHK-1B) – $5.99

 SecureHold Double Tool Holder (SHK-2B) – $7.99

SecureHold Triple Tool Holder (SHK-3B) – $11.99

For more information on other Racor products: CLICK HERE


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