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We are fortunate enough to get invited to a lot of media events hosted by various tool and building products manufacturers. At these events, we get to know the other online publishers, magazine editors, and other key players in our business.  We become friends with them, and believe it or not, we all help each other out.  We promote each other’s giveaways.  We work together on promotions, and we just love hanging out together whenever we can.  Over the past year we’ve gotten to know Eric Jopp and Dan Maxey from Tools In Action.  They are definitely the “pranksters” of the group!  And they are FUNNY.  Don’t get me wrong… they have some very informative, and spot-on reviews of tools, but they always manage to add the element of humor.  That’s why Tool Skool HAD to share this video of a prank that Eric pulled on Dan.  Check it out, and be sure to stick around and see some of their other more serious reviews.

Check out Eric and Dan’s other posts at: Tools In Action


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Beth is the Managing Editor of Tool Skool, as well as a contributing reviewer. She has a long history with tools: as co-Producer of DIY Tools & Techniques, she oversaw the production of more than 200 episodes. An avid DIYer, she puts her tool collection to good use.

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