Potting Table – Shop Project






Everyone needs a potting table. Where else would you pot if you didn’t have one? That’s why this project is so vital to the survival of humanity, so do your part to keep civilization going as we know it.

It’ll take you the better part of a weekend if you take the time to trim this bad boy out. Remember to always think about customizing a project like this with drink holders, electrical outlets and so on. Or, you can just build it to the plans we’ll show you in the video below. Happy woodworking!




For more information on this and other projects using Real Wood: RealOutdoorLiving.com

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Brad Staggs

Contributing Writer/Producer at Tool Skool
Brad has worked in and around the home improvement and tool industry most of his life. He was host of Talk2DIY Home Improvement, Co-produced DIY Tools & Techniques and is the author of Spend a Little, Save a Lot Home Improvement.