Porch Bed Swing – Shop Project







How to Make A Porch Bed Swing:

Who wouldn’t want one of these to relax in on a hot summer afternoon? And have you checked the prices on these lately? They go skyward of $3000 in some cases, which is why we’ll show you how to make one for about 1/10th of that cost – maybe less if you get really creative.

For indoor / outdoor spaces like porches or gazebos:

Because it’s made of pressure-treated southern pine, it’ll stand up to the elements for years in an unprotected area. Heck, add a coat of paint or stain and you’ll have a masterpiece that’ll last a virtual lifetime. Whatever you choose, I guarantee one thing – you won’t be disappointed. This is a very comfy bed swing that’ll have the neighbors green with envy.


Watch the video below for step-by-step instructions to make one for yourself:

 For more information on this and other projects using Real Wood: RealOutdoorLiving.com