Picnic Table – Shop Project






Nothing brings back memories of a perfect childhood like a Perfect Picnic Table. What makes this picnic table perfect? Come on, just take a look and the answer is obvious. Isn’t it?

It’s a simple design with nice details and a really slick color scheme. There are only a couple of curved pieces to fret over, so get started on this today! Tomorrow, you and the ants could be having a feast sitting right there on that bench. Really!



For more information on this and other projects using Real Wood: RealOutdoorLiving.com

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Brad Staggs

Contributing Writer/Producer at Tool Skool
Brad has worked in and around the home improvement and tool industry most of his life. He was host of Talk2DIY Home Improvement, Co-produced DIY Tools & Techniques and is the author of Spend a Little, Save a Lot Home Improvement.