Pelican Mobile Tool Chest 0450 | Review


Pelican Rolling Tool Case Model 0450

Pelican has a reputation for building things that last and that protect other things at the same time. They hit the nail on the head with the Pelican 0450 Mobile Tool Chest – this case is built like a tank. Two things are all but certain – 1) Whatever you put inside this case will be protected, and 2) The 0450 will last a long, long, long time.


The tool chest that’s built like a Pelican case? Or vice-versa? This mobile workshop is packed with useful features.

Pelican 0450 Tool Case Video Review

We did a top-to-botom feature review on the 0450 and were thoroughly impressed. Take a look and read about the highlights below. In the video, you’ll see exactly how easy it is to re-configure the interior of the 0450.



Pelican 0450 Transport Features

The mobile tool chest has obviously had plenty of thought and research built into it. Let’s start with the transport system.


THe 2 inch rubber wheels roll smoothly and can be easily changed out if damaged.

As this was developed for the military, it had to be field-serviceable in the event of part failure. Therefore, the 2″ rubber wheels can be removed and replaced in about 3 minutes. They’re easy to access and protrude minimally into the case body. The likelihood of having to replace these any time soon is slim, unless you’re in an extremely harsh environment.

The telescoping handle is quick and simple to slide open and closed, and is of ample height to allow for comfortable pulling of the case. No complaints here.


The telescoping handle is easy to extend and retract.

Since this case is designed to be carried in a variety of positions, the side handles were constructed with that in mind. They are wide in both directions, making it easier to pick the case up from just about any angle. Again – smart thinking on Pelican’s part.


The side carry handles are designed for easily moving the case in 2 positions.

Safety, Security, & Protection

The latching system on the Pelican 0450 consists of 2 latches each, for both the lid and the front of the chest. They’re all double-throw, and the top latches have the added security of additional butterfly latches. There’s also a padlock or security cable pass-through.


The butterfly compression latches help prevent accidental opening of the latches.

Dual purge valves allow for easier opening of both compartments after any altitude changes you may encounter when traveling with the case.

Drawer Configuration

The drawer system on the Pelican 0450 can be customized to suit very specific needs. You can order the case with or without drawers, in addition. To change the overall interior configuration, the slide panels on either side are removed and then adjusted and reinstalled. We’re talking maybe 5 minutes max to the job.


The drawer slides are removable and can be customized and moved to suit your needs.

Once in its open position, the lid of the case can support up to 50 pounds, as long as you have the other side sufficiently balanced.

Pelican 0450 Opinion

Overall, this case has a lot to offer if you’re someone who travels a lot or works with tools that need the ultimate in both organization and protection. Because it’s built like a tank, it’s a little heavy (about 41 lbs), even when empty. That being said, it was built to survive a 5 foot drop test – fully loaded – and passed.

The features that Pelican managed to work into this case are both thoughtful and productive. From the less-intrusive wheel design, to the removable sturdy tray in the top, this mobile tool chest has the features and design to justify the cost.

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