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LED Headlight

Pelican 2720 LED Headlight Review

You can never be too rich, too thin, or have too many flashlights – words to live by. The Pelican 2720 LED Headlight is one you should consider adding to your collection, thanks to a couple of really cool features that we’ll get to in a moment.

LED Headlamp Features

  • Gesture Activation Control
  • Adjustable Output Beam
  • White/Red Light Output
  • Requires 3 AAA Batteries (included)

Pelican 2720 Controls

I have been using the Pelican 2720 for several weeks now and one of the things I like most is that the control buttons are easy to locate, even without looking. Both have a rubberized cover over the top, which helps catch your finger and keep it from slipping off.

LED Headlamp Pelican

The controls are convenient and have a non-slip cover that makes it easy to find them without looking.

The beam-focusing ring usually required two hands to adjust, but with a little practice it became easier to move the dial with only one. The difference in the beam intensity is noticeable and convenient.

LED Headlamp Pelican

With a little practice, I found it easy to adjust the focus ring with only one hand.

The tilting mechanism is also nice. It ratchets and stays put in several different positions, so no matter where you need the light, it’s simple to get it focused there.

Emergency Light

The Pelican 2720 also has an emergency SOS beacon that you can activate, should you ever need it. Of course, I always think about being stranded on a desert island and making the SOS out of rocks (too much Gilligan’s Island, probably), but this flashing beacon is probably a lot more practical – and easier to spot at night. A very handy feature to have on a camping trip, as is the solid red light. If you want the bugs to stay away, red is your color!

LED Headlamp Pelican

The optional red LED beam is great for camping. Plus, the SOS beacon is a handy addition.

Worth the Money?

I’d answer that with a resounding “Yes”. It’s reasonably priced considering all the features it packs, plus – it’s branded with a name that’s synonymous with tough. Take a look at the headlamp in action in the jobsite video below.

Pelican 2720 LED Headlamp Jobsite Review

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For more information: Pelican Site


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