NOMAR Clamp Pads Preview

Hardware Show

NOMAR Clamp Pads Accessory

Efraim Shapiro brought his wares to the National Hardware Show in hope of finding both buyers and distributors. His NOMAR Clamp Pads are an ingenious design and help solve a common problem – those annoying divots left behind when using bar clamps on soft wood. In the past, I’ve used small blocks of wood or even tape to help eliminate them, but Efraim’s idea is both clever and much more user-friendly.

nomar clamp pads

A simple but clever way to keep your clamps from marring your work.

Take a look and see what you think. And remember, we need minds and imaginations like Efraim’s to keep America moving along. He’s a true asset to the community and the country!

NOMAR Clamp Pads


Check price/purchase on Amazon: CLICK HERE

For more information on the NOMAR Clamp Pads: Efraim’s Website


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