Mr. Heater Hero 60 MH60CLP Propane Heater – Review

Mr. Heater Hero 60 MH60CLP Hero Propane Heater

Mr. Heater Hero 60 MH60CLP Propane Heater

Few things in life are worse than a cold workshop. OK, there may be some, but not many. It’s tough to be productive and creative when your fingers are numb. Thank goodness for Mr. Heater. We discovered this cordless wonder at the National Hardware Show, after hearing about it from a couple of friends. Our interest was high, and when it finally arrived – life was good in the shop again – even in January!


The Mr. Heater Hero 60 MH60CLP Propane Heater utilizes a propane cylinder, just like a gas grill. Locally, they’re available for about $17 (to refill). If you have to start from scratch, the cylinder will run about $35 full, in most places.

The other half of the equation is the battery inside the unit. The battery must be charged upon arrival for the unit to work correctly and to preserve the lifespan of the battery. This doesn’t take long – less than an hour in my experience. Once that’s done, you can take the Hero 60 with you anywhere and have a run-time of several hours without electricity!


I used the heater in the shop at intermittent levels. The Hero 60 does such a great job at heating up a large area in a short period of time, that I rarely have run it more than 30 minutes at a stretch. In that manner, I’ve had to recharge the battery every few days.

As for propane usage, that’s going to be a relative issue. I found that setting the output to somewhere around 45,000 btu/hr heated the shop up comfortably in as little as 15 minutes. The unit didn’t need to be turned on again for at least an hour or so, or until I discovered my fingers were once again numb. Given those parameters, a tank is lasting me 3 or 4 days. Obviously, on max output (60,ooo btu/hr), your tank is going to empty a lot faster.

In comparison to a standard dish propane heater (read our review of the Thermoheat Radiant Heater) , the Hero 60 will likely consume more propane quickly, simply because it’s an open-flame design. However, you’ll be able to heat a larger area with the forced-air model than a dish, so that’s something to consider when deciding what to purchase. At over $200, this is a substantial monetary decision.

The Hero 60 works as well outside and on job sites as it does in a shop. The forced air emitted from the unit keeps the area immediately in front of the heater comfortably warm as long as it’s running, making it an ideal camping heater.


The Hero 60 has been an incredibly welcome addition to the Tool Skool shop. I’ve used other heaters to warm the space in the past, but none has done as good a job as this model in years. Take a look at our video review below and not only see the Hero 60 in action, but find out the results of our “10 Minute Test”. How much will it heat the shop in that time? You may be surprised.

Mr. Heater Hero 60 MH60CLP Propane Heater Review:

Note: I’ve noticed some subtle differences in the design of this model. On some sites, the output dial is red, while on others it’s black. I’m checking with the manufacturer to see if these are different models or simply design changes/updates on the existing unit. My point is, when researching prices online, be sure to double and triple-check the model number.

For more information: Mr Heater Site

Check prices – Amazon -($229 @ post): CLICK HERE

Note: Be sure to follow all manufacturer’s instructions and safety warnings when using a propane heater. While we conducted a test in our workshop, it was well-ventilated. Propane heaters should never be used inside your home or any other closed environment, as the fumes can be lethal. We’ve included a link at the end of this post regarding the safe use of propane. CLICK HERE

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