Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Accessories – Video Preview

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Milwaukee Impact Ready Accessories

During this year’s New Product Symposium, Milwaukee gave us a preview of their newest impact-ready accessories. The lines are called Shockwave and Expand. The overall gist of the lineup is that you can do more with less, according to Brian Dieck, a Senior Product Manager.


Milwaukee’s magnetic nut drivers are designed to be used with extensions and other accessories.

Shockwave Line-up Video Preview

Take a look at the line-up of products we were shown and see if you’re impressed.


Impact-Ready Bits

Shockwave is a line of bits and bit holder extensions, including a pivoting knuckle, which gives you greater flexibility when trying to access hard-to-reach fasteners. The bits have a unique shape that reminded me of parabolic skis.


The shape and temperament of the Shockwave bits is designed to withstand the shock delivered by impact tools.

The bits are designed to withstand the incredible forces exerted by impact drivers and they tend to resist breaking under that stress. We were given a demonstration and it appeared true – while another (more expensive and name-brand) bit snapped when used to tighten a fastener, the Shockwave bit stood its ground. It deformed slightly, but certainly didn’t break under the strain.

The 30 degree pivoting knuckle looked to be an incredibly handy accessory to us. You can insert bits into its magnetic tip and then configure the knuckle to fit into tight or awkward spaces.


This could soon be the hottest impact-ready accessory on the market, allowing you to get into awkward and tighter spots with a simple pivoting action.

Milwaukee Shockwave Availability

Available in 2013, the accessories will end up costing you less and give you more flexibility than a larger collection of bits and accessories currently available, according to Milwaukee.

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