Milwaukee M12 LED Stick Light – Video Preview

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Milwaukee M12 LED Stick Light Preview

We are fortunate enough to be invited to different events to preview new tools, either before they are on the market, or right after they’ve been released.  At this year’s Milwaukee 2013 Media Preview, there were literally dozens of things to see, and while we won’t be able to cover them all, we selected a few to preview that we think you’ll really like.

Milwaukee Tools adds two new work lights:

It doesn’t matter whether you are a general contractor, an electrician, a plumber, or any other tradesman, everyone needs to be able to see what you’re working on and there is rarely enough light in any given situation.  Milwaukee Tools works to solve that problem by adding The M18 Flood Light (coming soon) and the M12 Stick Light (available now).

Milwaukee M12 Stick Light

Milwaukee M12 Stick Light

We spoke with Tyson Apfelbeck, Product Marketing Coordinator about this LED work light that is not only incredibly bright, but has several handy features that make it a real stand-out.

M12 LED Stick Light Features Recap:

To recap some of the features, the light features 3 high-quality LED lights that put off a lot of light.

Milwaukee M12 LED Stick Light

The light creates consistent coverage over a wide area.

The hook on the light can be used to hang the light vertically, horizontally, or it can be left in the locked position to use as a flashlight.

Milwaukee M12 Stick Light

Used vertically for light in front of you.

Milwaukee M12 Stick Light

Hang horizontally for overhead lighting

Milwaukee M12 Stick Light

Or carry with you

There is also an accessory magnet that can be purchased and used with the light so that you can mount it to electrical boxes or metal studs, or in a variety of other situations.

Milwaukee M12 Stick Light

Magnet accessory gives even more flexibility

The M12 LED Stick Lights are compatible with any of the Milwaukee M12 batteries, and are a welcome addition to the line.  We’ll be getting some of these soon to test out, but if you can’t wait for our review, they are available now.  In most places you should be able to find them for about $79 without the battery at any place that sells Milwaukee Tools.

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