Milwaukee M12 Heated Gear – Video Preview

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Milwaukee Heated Jacket | M12 Heated Gear

Without question, one of Milwaukee Tool’s most popular products is their lineup of M12 heated gear. It all started with the basic Milwaukee M12 Heated Jacket that changed the way we dressed for everything from winter job sites to fall football games. In 2013, Milwaukee continues to expand their product offerings in this category, and they have some real winners in our humble opinion.

M12 Heated Gear

The red hot jacket that started it all and then became invisible with the addition of a camo-style. Milwaukee’s expanded line-up of M12 Heated Gear rocks!

Milwaukee M12 Heated Gear Preview

Take a look at the products in action and check out the details for each below.

M12 Heated Women’s Jacket

It’s been a long-time coming, and it’s almost here – the much anticipated women’s version of the Milwaukee Heated Jacket. Since their research determined that the number one problem with the men’s jacket was theft (by wives and girlfriends, no less), the new women’s version will hit store shelves soon. Not only will it warm the fairer sex, but hopefully cut down on crime, as well 🙂

M12 Heated Gear

The Women’s Heated Jacket has a curvier cut for a better fit and heat distribution. Pricing will range $199-220.

M12 Heated Hand Warmer

If it’s just your hands that can’t take the cold, the new M12 Hand Warmer is your dream come true. It’s available in black or camo and has integrated internal cuffs that mate with the Heated Jacket to form a wind-resistant seal around your wrists.

M12 Heated Gear

The Heated Hand Warmers come in two colors and will be priced at $49-$60 (hand warmer only) and $99-$120 (hand warmer and battery + charger).

M12 Heated Hoodies

Finally! And let’s just be totally superficial here – these hoodies look great! As a bonus, they work as good as they look (poor grammar, but you get the idea). In addition to keeping you warm, the M12 Heated Hoodies are machine washable – just don’t forget to take out the controller and battery first!

M12 Heated Gear

The M12 Heated Hoodies will be available in several color/visibility options. $99-$130 (hoodie only) and $149-$179 (incl battery + charger).


Milwaukee M12 Heated Gear

When the original jacket first appeared on the market, it was an instant hit. Last year, when Milwaukee announced their lineup of M12 Heated Upgrades, we were even more impressed. This year, they’ve outdone themselves – creating useful products that do exactly what they say they will. Milwaukee has continued to pour money and effort into market research and product development – with terrific results. If you haven’t looked at any of their heated products yet, do yourself a favor and check them out when you have the chance. While some products are currently available, some will not be released until later this year.

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