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Milwaukee Insulation Knives for Tradesmen

Milwaukee is widening their family of tools to include new knives designed specifically for HVAC and ducting contractors. The new knives will be available this year and it’s obvious that a lot of R&D went into the tools.

Milwaukee's double-edged HVAC insulation knife comes with a protective sheath.

Milwaukee’s double-edged HVAC insulation knife comes with a protective sheath.

Milwaukee Tool’s Derek Rose gave us the rundown on the family of knives and what makes them so special.

Milwaukee Insulation Knives Video Preview

Insulation & HVAC Knives

The engineers at Milwaukee take great pride in their research and ability to give the end-user what they need (and want, in most cases). They’re offering both a serrated and smooth-edged knife for cutting insulation and flex duct.

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Milwaukee’s insulation knives give tradesmen a choice from using the standard kitchen knife.

If it’s what inside that counts, then the Milwaukee Insulation/HVAC knife has success written all over it. They didn’t scimp on the guts of the tool – it has a full-length tang to help prevent breakage.

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As Milwaukee always does (in our experience), they went above and beyond in the design department and made these full-length tang knives.

The double-edged HVAC insulation knife is designed not only for flexible insulation, but sheet insulation products, as well.

Insulation knives

For tradesmen cutting a variety of insulation materials, this knife could be just what the doctor ordered.

My Opinion

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Milwaukee’s tools and their people. Their organization manages to raise the bar every year, with only the occasional misstep (to err is human, after all), so I have every reason to believe these knives will stand the quality test. Once released, I’d like to hear your opinion on how well they do the job and stand up to jobsite environment. Let me know. These knives are scheduled to be available in August 2015.

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