Milwaukee Hollow Shaft Nut Drivers

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Milwaukee 4PC SAE Nut Driver Set

Hollow shaft nut drivers aren’t new, in case you’re wondering. They’ve been around for awhile, out of necessity. The difference with these is the Milwaukee branding. When a company with a well-known brand decides to jump into the hand tool market, they’d better be ┬ásure they aren’t just another “also ran.” Are these nut drivers going to live up to the Milwaukee name and rep? Let’s take a look.

Milwaukee Nut Drivers

The drivers come in 4 sizes and are flat on the top, allowing to pose them perfectly for portraits.

Milwaukee Hollow Shaft Drivers Uses

Anyone who’s ever run into a fastener buried at the bottom of a long bolt understands the need for these hand tools. Short of a deep well socket, they’re about the only tool that will remove the nut in a tight space. The Milwaukee Hollow Shaft Nut Drivers have a number of nice features that make them stand out in the pack.

Milwaukee Nut Drivers

The hex shaft allows you to use a wrench for stubborn fasteners and is hollow along its entire length – 3 inches.

Milwaukee Nut Drivers

The universal driver head fits 4 times more fasteners, according to Milwaukee – Square, Hex, 12 Point, and Spline.

The hollow shaft extends all the way to the handle of the tool – 3 inches total. I think that’s plenty of wiggle room in most cases. That makes them ideal for several things off the top of my head:

  • Plumbers – Toilet & Tank Bolts
  • Mechanics – Firewall Bolts & Fasteners
  • Electricians – Brackets & Hold Downs

I’m sure there are dozens more applications that you can think of, as well.

Milwaukee Nut Drivers

Each tool size is marked in 3 places, including the end of the handle, which means you can store them tip up or down and still reach for the right size every time. Nice touch.

Milwaukee Hand Tool Quality

I’ve always been a Milwaukee fan, especially their Sawzall of course, and these tools appear to live up to their quality standards. The fit and finish is clean and feels rugged. The grips are slightly over-sized and fit well in my slightly over-sized hands. There are splines along the rubberized grip that help prevent it from rolling away, which is always handy.

Overall, I like these new Milwaukee Nut Drivers. I was a bit skeptical at first – I mean, they’re a power tool company, aren’t they? I suppose that every company these days have to diversify just to stay competitive in the marketplace – it’s a fact of life now. These Hollow Nut Drivers appear to live up to the venerable name – time and a whole lot of use will tell the rest of the story.

Milwaukee’s new line of hand tools is set to be released this month (May 2013). No price available yet.

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