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Diamond Plus Hole Saw Preview

Diamonds can be a plumber/installer’s best friend, when they’re ground into bits and slathered onto a hole saw. The Diamond Plus lineup is Milwaukee’s latest offering from their New Product Symposium this year. The saws come in two form factors and you’ll see them both in action in this video preview, then read on for more details.



Diamond Plus Features

According to Ed Lau, Product Manager, the hole saws come in two form factors – one piece, integrated shank (1/4″), and a traditional threaded style.

Hole Saw

Smaller diameter hole saws have an integrated 1/4″ shank.

Hole Saw

The traditional threaded design features a retractable bit.

 According to Lau, they’ve made a couple of design improvements that make the Diamond Plus line a cut above the competition:

  • Superior-quality diamonds
  • Improved brazing technique for adhesion

Combining these two elements, Lau says the Diamond Plus can give 10 times the life of other diamond grit saws.

Hole Saw

Both hole saws worked as advertised during the preview demos.

One the threaded saw, the carbide-tip bit allows users to accurately locate the hole’s center. The retractable bit eliminates the need for drilling a pilot hole, according to the manufacturer.

Hole Saw

Even after a day of media abuse, this hole saw was a trooper.

Diamond Plus Availability

According to Milwaukee, the Diamond Plus line will be available in December 2013 and will retail from $17 – $50.

Check price/availability on Amazon: CLICK HERE

For more information from Milwaukee: CLICK HERE


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