Milwaukee Bottle Opener & Wire Stripper

Milwaukee Tool

Milwaukee Bottle Opener

Because nothing says “Party” like mixing beer and 120 volts. That’s a joke, of course. We all know that dealing with electricity is no laughing matter and you should never drink and strip….wire, that is. The proceeding message was brought to you by the Tool Skool Legal Department.

Milwaukee Bottle Opener

Being the professionals we are at Tool Skool, we don’t recommend consuming any beverages that may cause intoxication while working with tools.

Milwaukee Bottle Opener Features

Yes, it’s a real gadget/tool. And since it is, we’re looking at it with a reviewing eye. Our top 2 favorite features of this tool are:

  1.  The bottle opener
  2.  The wire stripper
Milwaukee Bottle Opener

This is the wire stripper.

Yes, both features work, which makes this a winner in our eyes. Need we say more? Oh, wait….it hangs on your pegboard, so it’s always ready!

Milwaukee Bottle Opener

See how it stands at the ready? Great tool!

Come one, you know you want one…

According to Milwaukee, the 48-22-2000 Bottle Opener & Wire Stripper will be available in 3rd or 4th quarter 2013 at $9.99 retail.

Check price/availability on Milwaukee Site: CLICK HERE

Milwaukee Bottle Opener

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