Lauren Fix’s The Bag Fix – Review

Lauren Fix's The Bag Fix

Lauren Fix’s The Bag Fix

In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve known Lauren Fix for probably more years than she cares to remember. I played the role of TV Producer and she, the role of TV Host on a show called Talk2DIY Automotive. That seems like a different lifetime, but it was a bonding experience for both of us, I’d say. More on that another time…

In real life, Lauren is an entrepreneur, an automotive expert (seen often on CNN, NBC, Fox News, and more), and an inventor. Her latest brainchild is this – The Bag Fix. And in a word…it’s BRILLIANT! Sorry if I gushed.

Lauren Fix's The Bag Fix

The Bag Fix is constructed of stainless steel and is proudly made in the USA.

Simplicity & Prison Time:

The Bag Fix fits in between the headrest post on most vehicles and provides a pair of hooks that can hold everything from grocery bags to tool bags. Lauren says she spent 4 years perfecting the design. I’d say it was worth the wait.

Aren’t all the best ideas simple? The Bag Fix is simple and it works. I’m really not sure what else to say about it.

In truth, Lauren sent the package to Tool Skool’s Beth Knott, but I intercepted and opened it immediately. Did I just admit to a federal crime? Oh wait, I meant to say that I asked and received permission. Yeah, that’s it.

Why did I risk prison time? The reason is simple – The Bag Fix isn’t just for women, although Lauren has some great pictures of purses and kids’ toy bags hanging from it on her site.

The Bag Fix is For Manly Men (and women):

Lauren Fix's The Bag Fix

If you work out of your car (or truck), this thing is a must-have. It keeps your seat clear for lunch!

I think it’s perfect for contractors and anyone else who works out of their vehicle. I immediately showed it to our resident remodeller, Dana Wilkerson. His reaction? “That’s Cool!” The highest praise there is.

It holds 20 pounds, so it’s just right for my laptop bag and murse.

Conversely, it holds bags neatly and within reach in the jump seat area of my truck. Because there’s nothing worse than having to pull my arm out of the socket trying to reach into a bag that’s fallen onto the rear floor.


In Conclusion:

Lauren Fix's The Bag Fix

The Bag Fix hangs equally well off the back of the seats. This makes it much easier to reach anything on its hooks.

The bottom line here is that Lauren has invented a real winner in my humble opinion. And especially for the price – The Bag Fix is only $17.95. For a small business to produce, package and market a product like this at that price-point is almost unheard-of.

The Bag Fix is ingenious, it fills a need, it’s constructed from quality materials, and it’s made right here in the U.S.A. Add all those up and you have a real winner on your hands. Way to go, Lauren!



Editor’s Note: Lauren was named SEMA Business Network 2012 Woman of the Year. Read all about that HERE.

Find The Bag Fix at:

Lauren’s daughter Shelby is The Teen Car Coach

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